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20-1 Schooling system in Japan
  Compulsory education in Japan is for nine years which consists of six-year elementary school with entering age of six and three-year junior high school with entering age of twelve.
Education for children of foreign nationals is not compulsory, but they can go to elementary school and junior high school, if they want to learn there.
It depends on the location of your home which schools your children should enter. Day nurseries and kindergartens are available, if you want your preschool children to enter them.

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20-2 Kindergarten
  There are six private kindergartens in Fujimi-shi, nine in Fujimino-shi and three in Miyoshi-machi.

ESubsidy encouraging entering private kindergarten
Subsidy is supplied according to amount of income (municipal tax) to reduce payment of parents who have children who attend a private kindergarten.

œFujimi-shi Hoiku-kaFtel.049-251-2711
œFujimino-shi Hoiku-ka Hoiku-kakariFtel.049-262-9035
œMiyoshi-machi Kyoikuiinkai Gakkokyoiku-kaF

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20-3 Elementary and junior high schools

(1) How to enter elementary/ junior high school?
Children who will reach the school age in the next fiscal year are asked their will of school enrollment in  the previous year, and health examination is held in October. If you moved in the city or town after September and want to enter a public elementary school, contact the education board of the city or town.
Foreign children who want to enter public elementary/junior high schools need to follow the procedure. Contact the school section for details.

(2) Transfer to a public school in the city or town from another school
If you transfer your children to a public school in the city or town from another school, you are required to bring a student registration certificate and a receipt for free textbooks issued by the school you have been registered in the previous place.

(3) Move out from the city or town 
If you move out or return to your home country, notify to the school you are registered as well as the board of education
œFujimi-shi Kyoikuiinkai Gakkokyoiku-kaFtel.049-251-2711
œFujimino-shi Kyoikuiinkai Gakkokyoiku-ka Gakumu-kakariFtel.049-220-2084
œMiyoshi-machi Kyoikuiinkai Gakkokyoiku-kaF

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20-4 Aid and counseling

(1) School expense subsidies
School expense subsidies such as school supplies, school meal charges, and medical expenses are available for guardians who are in financial difficulties. Contact the school section for details.
You may contact the school section as well if an instruction on Japanese language is needed or you have anxieties about education in general.
œFujimi-shi Kyoikuiinkai Gakkokyoiku-kaF
tel. 049-251-2711
œFujimino-shi Kyoikuiinkai Gakkokyoiku-ka Gakumu-kakari Ftel.049-220-2084
œMiyoshi-machi Kyoikuiinkai Gakkokyoiku-kaF

(2) Scholarship for traffic-accident orphans
This system provides traffic-accident orphans graduating from junior/senior high schools with scholarship or necessary expenses for proceeding to higher education or getting employment
œFujimi-shi Fukushi-ka Chiikifukushi-kakariF

(3) Scholarship E Reserve fund loan for school entrance
a  Scholarship
Scholarships are available for those who are in financial  difficulties for enrolling high schools, technical colleges or universities. There is some term or condition.
b  Reserve fund loan
Reserve fund loan for entering high school,  technical college or university  is  available  for guardian  who is  in a  financial  difficulty.  There is  some term or condition.
œFujimino-shi Kyoikuiinkai Kyoikusomuka-Somu-kakari:

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20-5 Japanese Language Classes

Japanese classes by voluntary teachers are offered for the foreign residents who want to learn Japanese and make friends. These classes are almost free. Everyone from beginner to the advanced is always welcome. The followings are Japanese classes in this area.

(A) Fujimi-nihongo circle
Day & Time: every Tuesday 10:00-12:00, every Friday 13:30-15:30, Saturday 14:00-16:00
Place: Tsuruse-nishi koryu center,
InquiryFtel.049-254-0715 (Mr.Yamamoto)
Ftel.049-253-4392 (Ms. Sato)

(B) Kodomo nihongo gakusyu club
Day & Time: every Wednesday 16:30-19:30
Place: Mizuhodai community center
InquireFtel.090-2334- 4678(Ms. Matsuo)

(C) Kamifukuoka Nishikouminkan nihongo kyoshitsu
Day & Time: every Sunday & Wednesday 10:00-12:00
Place: Kamifukuoka-nishi public hall

(D) Oi Oyako nihongo kyoshitsu
Day & Time: every Saturday 13:30-15:30
Place: Oi Chuo public hall

(E) Fujimino International Cultural Exchange Center nihongo kyoshitsu
Day & Time: every Thursday 10:00-12:00
Place: Office of Center
InquireFtel. 049-256-4290

(F) Miyoshi nihongo Fujikubo kyoshitsu
Day & Time: every Wednesday 10:00-12:00
Place: Fujikubo public hall

(G) Miyoshi nihongo Chikumazawa kyoshitsu
Day & Time: every Friday 14:00-16:00
Place: Chikumazawa public hall

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20-6@Japanese language assistance to foreign students at school

 School children who cannot speak Japanese will be able to get assistance by voluntary supporters at elementary or junior high school, if they want. Please contact school principal or Board of Education of city town.

œFujimi-shi Kyoikuiinkai Gakkokyoiku-kaFtel.049-251-2711
œFujimino-shi Kyoikuiinkai Gakkokyoiku-ka Shido-kakariF
œMiyoshi-machi Kyoikuiinkai Gakkokyoiku-kaFtel.049-258-0019

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