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12 National Health Insurance

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@Those who reside in Japan can enroll in the national health insurance. It should lighten the financial burden when you receive medical treatment. If you work for a company and enroll in employee's health insurance, you are not qualified for the national health insurance. In that case, you need to  bring your health insurance card issued by the company and do procedure to lose qualification at the window of the city hall. 

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12-1 Foreign residents' enrollment in the national health insurance
i1jThose who are listed on the Basic Resident registration and granted permission to stay for more than 3 months.
i2jThose who are staying in Japan for less than 3 months, and are permitted to stay for more than 3 months by the document for status of residence specified by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare.
Foreign residents should enroll in national insurance system, if they meet (1) or (2) of the above and do not enroll in employeefs health insurance system

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12-2 Enrollment procedure
  Your resident card, passport and notification card or Individual Number card are required to enroll the national health insurance. Conditions for enrollment are different individually, so please contact the Insurance-Pension Section of Fujimi-shi,  the Inurance-Pension  Section  of Fujimino-shi or Residents Affairs Section of Miyoshi-machi. If you enroll in employee's health insurance in your work place, you need to  bring your health insurance card issued by the company and do procedure to lose qualification.  

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12-3 The premium (national health insurance tax)
The premium is calculated on the basis of the amount of municipal taxes paid in the previous year (called on income basis) and the number of people per household (on capita basis) (in addition, the amount of assets (on assets basis) and equivalent based premium (on average basis) in Fujimi-shi ). In some city, town or village, premium based on asset or average is excluded. Any resident aged 40-65 who is enrolled in the national health insurance is required to participate in the nursing care insurance system. The premium (on income and capita basis) is added to the national health insurance tax. In addition to this, all enrollees shall bear the premium to support the new Kouki koreisha medical insurance system for the elderly from 75 years up started in f08. This premium is calculated as the same basis above.
There is no exemption from the premium, but some reduction is possible for those who have no income. Be sure to file your tax returns.

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12-4 Health insurance certificate is a passport for medical treatment
  Health insurance certificate is issued to each person. This proves that each of you and your dependents is insured. Be sure to take the certificate with you to a hospital or clinic.

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12-5 Benefits
  When you receive medical treatment with your health insurance certificate at a hospital or clinic, you only have to pay 30% of charged medical expenses, 10%, 20% or 30% for the elderly of 70 years and over, 20% for pre-school children and the remainders are covered by insurance.
If medical expenses per person per month exceed the ceiling, the amount in excess of the ceiling will be reimbursed later if you report to tax office. If you present to the institution/pharmacy the Certificate of Eligibility for Ceiling-Amount Application Regarding Personally-Borne Medical Expenses (gendogaku tekiyo nintei sho) prior to making payment at an insurance medical institution you do not need to pay any portion that exceeds the ceiling.

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12-6 Special medical examination
 Special medical examination is applied for those who are 40 to 74 years old as of April 1, and enrollee of national health insurance system. Examination ticket is sent to eligible people late in May, you are advised to go to medical institution designated by each city or town for a checkup during June ` November. 1,000 yen of charge is required. Checkup items are physical measurements (such as height, weight, and waist circumference), blood, urine, electrocardiogram, etc.
Those, who are diagnosed as metabolic syndrome or fear to be, have health guidance lecture of improving their life style

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12-7 Resort facilities and a thorough medical checkup
(1j Resort facilities and subsidies
 Several city-(or town) designated resort facilities are provided for residents with subsidies for health maintenance and promotion. For details, please contact the city or town office.
(2) Subsidy for a thorough medical checkup
You should maintain your health by yourself. If you get a thorough medical checkup in the city- (or town) designated hospital or clinic, a part of expenses is covered by subsidy of the city or town.
For details, please contact the city or town office.
Fujimi-shi Hokennenkin-ka Kenkohoken-kakariF
Fujimino-shi Kenkohoken-ka Kokumin Kenkohoken-kakariFtel.049-262-9039
Fujimino-shi HokenE Nenkin-ka F tel. 049-262-9039
 Hoken center Kenkoyobo-kakari (for specific medical screening and complete medical checkup)
F tel. 049-262-9040
Miyoshi-mach Jyumin-ka Hokennenkin-tantoFtel.049-258-0019

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