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3 Seal Registrations

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In Japan, seal called hanko is used in place of signature. Seals registered at city hall are known as jitsuin (registered seal). A document certifying that a seal is a jitsuin is known as a seal registration certificate (inkan shomeisho). Both are required for important contracts. Registration must be made in person to avoid misuse by others.

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3-1 Registration procedure
  If you are 15 or older and are listed on a certified copy of resident registration, you can register your seal in the city where you are living. Seal to be registered must not be ready-made and must be within 8mm to 25mm sq. inclusive. Your name engraved in seal must be the same as it written in the resident registration certificate. One seal per person can be registered. For application, your resident card or your special permanent resident certificate and a seal to be registered are required to submit. For inquiry, contact Shimin-ka (Jyumin-ka) in advance.
œFujimi-shi Shimin-ka Shimin-kakariFtel.049-251-2711
œFujimino-shi Shimin-ka Shimin -kakariFtel.049-262-9018
œMiyoshi-machi Jyumin-ka Jyumin-tantoFtel.049-258-0019

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3-2 Seal Registration Certificate
  To obtain a seal registration certificate, you or your proxy must show a seal registration card and your identification document, and fill the application form available at the city hall. If there is any mistake in the application form, you can't obtain seal registration certificate.
œFujimi-shi Shimin-ka Shimin-kakariFtel.049-251-2711
œFujimino-shi Shimin-ka Shimin-kakariF tel.049-262-9018
œMiyoshi-machi Jyumin-ka Jyumin-tantoFtel.049-258-0019

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